Mechanical Function Debugging Method And Precautions!

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Mechanical watches often have functions such as date, month, and world time. Some friends don't know how to debug the mechanical watch function. Let the Swiss Watch Factory tells you!

1, the week and the calendar can not be adjusted from 21 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the morning, this is very hurt. The beating of the calendar is driven by gears, so it is generally slow to jump.

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2. The day of the week is automatically updated. Both the date and the week are hopping at zero, and this accuracy only appears in the pointer, and the pointer watch is not as accurate. It is possible to jump ahead or delay because the date and the week are both driven by a rim. If you jump at the same time, the driving force is very demanding. So change it separately. Generally, the week change will be skipped within half to several hours after the change of the date.

3, the date of the watch at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock in the afternoon to solve the solution: just turn the hour hand in a clockwise direction, and then re-adjust the date.

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4, the middle of the adjustment button a total of two files, the first file is to adjust the date, the second file is to adjust the time. When the first gear is adjusted, the rotation is the date!

Note: The tolerance of the mechanical watch is ±45 sec/day. The specific error has a great relationship with the movement in the watch. It is not the principle that the error is smaller according to the higher price. The power of the semi-automatic mechanical watch is shaken back and forth in the wrist of the wearer to wind the spring. An absolutely semi-automatic mechanical watch can continuously run for about 36 hours. If the daily wear is normal, the machine can run 15 If the clock is not worn or if it is not enough to swing back and forth, the watch will be stopped. Before wearing it, the watch should be wound up. If you have any questions about watch, we Luxury Watches Manufacturer are happy to help you solve them.