Powder Coating Vs. Traditional Wet Paints

Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.


Powder Coating is the latest and innovative way of surface finishing that, unlike conventional wet paints, uses a dry form of coating or surface finishing. The method necessarily entails placing the powder-coated surface in the oven and then subjected to heat until it hits its melting point. The coating is genuinely remarkable and very appealing, and the layer it produces is so durable that it is very resistant to rust, abrasion, and scratching, unlike most other traditional wet paints.

Powder coating, as a substitute to traditional wet paint solvents, provides a superior and environmentally responsible technique of applying paint. When utilizing traditional wet paints, solvents are mixed with the paint, causing it to become sticky and attach to the needed material's surface. Powder coatings operate differently because just the powdered components are sprayed or coated to the surface in an atomized powder spray.

During spray, an electrostatic charge is applied to the powder, causing it to be attracted to the surface. After the surface has been adequately covered, it is baked in an oven. This causes the powder layer to fuse and melt onto the surface and form a resilient, smooth, and robust coating.

The high quality of a powder-coated product is instantly recognizable. It is smooth in appearance and protects the surface by forming a sealed layer of paint around it, which significantly reduces the effects of corrosion and provides excellent scratch resistance properties.

The use of powder coating allows any overspray to be easily collected and reused in automated systems. Conventional wet paint spray can waste as much as 50% when applied and is not recoverable. Powder coating can help make huge savings because the excess powder can easily be collected and then re-applied to another product, as well as reduced labor cost.

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