Akiles is a trusted name in the document finishing industry

Since the establishment of the company, with the excellent product quality, reasonable price and perfect and efficient service, it has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers. At present, it has established long-term good business relations with world famous brands: H&M, WALMAR


Akiles is a trusted name in the documentfinishing industry and the company recently put out a bunch of newhigh-quality binding machines. One of their new products is thefantastic iWire 21 twin-loop wire binding machine. Here are 7 reasonswhy you should take a look at this device.      The iWire 21 is compatible with wire spines thathas a 2:1 pitch. These spines can bind documents that are up to 1.25"inches thick which is equivalent to about 250 pages. Thus, this wouldbe a good machine to use if you need to create both short and longdocuments.This device can punch 15 sheetsof paper at a time, so it won't take very long to  Wholesale Rayon Polyster Roman Fabric Factory  prepare yourdocuments.


The iWire 21 has a vertical punching mechanism as well as aside margin control so your holes will be punched in the right place.If you want to work with plastic covers, it's totally possible with thisdevice. The punching dies are made out of harden steel so they're ableto handle non-paper materials such as poly covers. Just don't punchmore than one piece at once so your binder will remain in good shape.Usingthe iWire 21 is a comfortable experience because it has an ergonomichandle. Even if you have a lot of books to assemble, you'll be able todo so without getting too fatigued. This features makes this particularmachine extremely user-friendly.One ofthe great things about this device is that it has a wire size selector.If you're not sure which size spine to use, you can use the selector tomeasure your document and determine which one you need. Also, if youever need some help during the entire process, you can use the on-boardinstruction guide for direction. (This will keep you from having tohunt for your instruction manual.)TheiWire 21 has a built-in wire closer so you won't need a separatemachine for this task. Having everything in one device is reallyconvenient and it will help you save space in your office.Thismachine has a dust cover so you'll be able to keep it clean and ingreat shape. You'll find that, as a whole, the iWire 21 is incrediblydurable and that you'll be able to get a lot of use out of it over theyears. It comes with a one-year warranty just in case you happen to endup with a dud.

The Akiles iWire 21 is a great twin-loop wire binding machine,as this list illustrates. It has a good punching capacity and thanks tothe vertical punching mechanism and side margin control, you'll be ableto accurately punch your documents. The built-in wire closer is anexcellent addition and you'll really enjoy having a machine that has itall. There's no doubt about it: if you need a 2:1 pitch wire bindingmachine, you need the iWire 21. Get yours today.