Top 4 secret areas in Pokemon

Have you seem these 4 secret areas in Pokemon? Let us read this blog and get it.


The Town Map in Pokemon often shows players the most beneficial path for his or their journey throughout the region. There are towns with Gyms, special areas much like the Safari Zone, and routes that hold wild creatures to fight and capture. 

Some locations, however, might or might not appear on the map. They are a secret. These places often play host to rare Shiny 6IV Pokemon, items, or NPCs. It isn't particular on tips on how to enter or maybe how to leave. 

Fourth. Mirage Island. Not for being confused with the mirage islands, a great named Mirage Island. In Generation III, Mirage Island stood a totally random spawn. The only way to determine it has appeared during the day is to ask the existing man Pacifidlog Town. If according to him he can find it, players can travel there and harvest the rare Liechi Berry. It is also the one place in this Pokemon Generation capture a Wynaut inside the wild.

Third. Wayward Cave. Wayward Cave is situated in Generation IV. This location was completely optional and players often missed it entirely. It is hidden underneath the Cycling Road from the Sinnoh region. In Platinum, it only requires Flash, though the other games require Flash and Strength so that you can access it. It is another location that holds an upmarket Pokemon. Gible can just be caught from the wild from the Wayward Cave.

Second. The Regi Caves. Finding the Legendary Titan Pokemon in Generation III was the puzzle of the puzzle. Players need to Shiny Pokemon Buy with Surf and Dig, along with Wailord and Relicanth specifically within the party. They need to get first and last respectively. After the puzzle is complete, an earthquake will advise you caves on Route 105, Route 111, and Route 120. These are simple to find after being unearthed, but reaching the Regi inside will need some more craziness.

First. Unknown Dungeon. In Pokemon X and Y, no-one expected an encounter with Mewtwo. This secret area has often gone missed by players. Those who have to think it is, though, be aware of the struggle of reaching the Unknown Dungeon. There is a maze of any forest near Route 20. There is no logical pathway through it.