His already-ridiculous major-league salary

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That is my first year playing MLB 21 Stubs with the Show, and sadly I can't spend more than 2 hrs every day on it. Therefore, the progress will be quite slow (on Bronze 50 now). My question is as follows: just how long can we play the DD for this year's edition of the game? Will it cease to exist when Mlb that the Show 21 comes out next season, or will you be still able to collect stubs, xps, cards a year from now with possibly fewer people engaging? I believe MLB 16's servers shut off in the end of July this year so you have tons of time.

The leaked information was authentic, but there were even more goodies connected with the first official info regarding MLB The Show 21.

Per the leaked info and now the official affirmation, San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. is the cover athlete for the sport. This too was confirmed in various media assets, including the preview below.

What we didn't know from the early info was the launch date, which was confirmed for April 20, and that Buy MLB The Show 21 Stubs won't just be accessible on Xbox One and Series S and X, but additionally, it will support cross-platform play and cross-progression.