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Primis Player placeholder
In a recent live broadcast, Aris, who broadcasted under the name EvoidingThePuddle, showed an item he bought, although he didn't know how rare it was. After claiming to have obtained the "Mirror of Calandra", Aris learned that it was one of the rarest items in the game. If you also want to get the rarest items, you can find them in POECurrency and buy them, or you can Buy Exalted Orbs to enhance your strength in the game.

As many viewers doubted his possession of the item, Aris turned on his PlayStation, launched Path of Exile, and showed his trophies for chat. It is indeed what he thinks, but it is particularly impressive because he played less than 100 hours in the game. The circumstances of this happening are incredible, because many players have invested thousands of hours of game time, but have never seen the item with their own eyes.

Aris attributed his discovery to his construction. "Someone on YouTube played for 6,000 hours and hasn't played it yet. Yes, I told you he is running a nerd. If you want to be lucky, you have to be lucky," Aris said. At present, the market value of this product on PlayStation is more than $220, and the courtesy form of PC players can get more than $300. Xbox is the rarest platform for this item, because a single Kalandra Mirror on Xbox is worth up to $1,000. Finally, welcome to visit POECurrency to get more POE Currency content.