It's gone are the time that of NBA Jam on Super Nintendo

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In contrast, the other versions which include the version for PC will feature a particularly curious and attractive environment NBA 2K22 MT: the neighborhood of the past season will become a gigantic theme cruise. Cancha del Mar, much smaller in terms of the size and potential, comes has a distinct appeal of its own. It not but it offers an original setting as well, but it also gives an enjoyable experience for the player.

Another time, MI NBA captures the essence of the passion for basketball and the NBA and extends it to the professional leagues. This means that in addition to the stories we weave when we advance it is possible to be involved in the tradition of basketball. Surrounded by brands and all kinds of activities that inspire us to create new games on urban fields as well as release shoes and be awed by the content and events proposed.

Logically, in out of the story, NBA 2K22 ties everything to a well-constructed advance system that provides new attractions to enjoy both offline and online, like themed Fridays and the now usual periodic events. Always inviting us to play with the possibilities that the city or even the Cancha del Mar can offer our players, and unlock rewards, and, as a result, to leave the game's currency in the character we that was created specifically for the event.

The other pillar for NBA 2K22 is once again something completely different: MyTEAM franchise mode. This is the extravagant staging of NBA collectible cards where we create our individual Dream Team and, in the process, make wildly speculative predictions on the most talented. players of today and yesterday Buy NBA 2K MT. Particularly this year when an entirely new kind of Holographic chart has been created.