Consp gave me an even higher ABSOLUTE MIN

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I've never said the PM's weren't responsible. You're acting as if I've been a fool, which I'm not, and even made that clear on RS gold my OP. If I'd deserved the status of mute, I'd not be to ask these kinds of questions. Regarding "blaming sal's" , those are words that I have spoken. I thought that indeed, one of us PMods had muted my, which is sad, since as I've said before, I did nothing wrong. Because I felt that I had been falsely muted by one of our PMods that made me feel depressed about Sal's behaviour, but I am not in any way blaming the Sal's.

If Tcmp is telling about the facts (and I'm more inclined to trust a post that is nice like his instead of the kind that makes me feel like you're judging) Then it might not be Sal's fault. I'm sorry that it seemed to me that I was angry with Sal's comments, but I was not.

World 2 used to be emptybefore that bot nuke happened... Not 1 frikkin person anywhere in Gwd.. I started cursing the people in sals who had told me I couldn't possibly have a free world. If bot nuke was around, im betting that a world of freedom will be easier to come across. But get 70 pray for peace first.

Consp gave me an even higher ABSOLUTE MIN! !, for going in five-six man teams, therefore i don't know.. He prolly just likes u or is a bit envious of me. But there is a difference, this person wants to kill him for fun you wanted to kill him for cash. Bandos has seen its price increase recently and so it is likely that the activity of GWDs increased.

Seriously? I stated that only what I wanted was to have the thrill of killing an extremely high level boss. I stated over and over tht all i wanted was to have fun, not cash.. Furthermore, any drops we could get would be a small bonus.

This is the reason I needed stats that could help me get through the sergents. There is a good chance of dying using the stats that I suggested in cheap OSRS GP this subject. Your statistics are stable ones. 80/80/80 shouldn't be a problem except if you're trying making spam and you're only at 300 lps. Just tele if you're worried.