How Often Must You Put Lotion on Tattoos? Guide 101

Tattooed skin must be kept hydrated, so you must keep applying lotion to it. A high-quality lotion help tattoos heal, soothe irritation and itchiness, and keep the skin visually appealing for a prolonged period.


After a tattoo session, the skin becomes excessively delicate. It tries to restore the cells and heal from the trauma inflicted by the needles striking hundreds of times in a minute. Almost all people know applying a high-quality lotion helps by hydrating and nourishing the skin. However, many are unfortunately not aware of how frequently to apply the lotion. For details, please go through the given discussion.

Applying Lotion to New Tattoos

Apply lotion to new tattoos thrice a day to ensure efficient and quick healing. The vegan lotions have impressed larger segments of the population because they can soothe irritation and itching.

Apply lotion right after waking up and washing the tattooed area. When you sleep, your body loses water and becomes dehydrated. The tattoo will naturally become quite dry and tight so help it loosen with lotion.

The tattoo begins drying as the hours pass, so it is best to apply one more layer. Make sure you clean the first layer of lotion and the accumulated dirt and dust. Adding new layers of lotion on top of an old layer can cause infection.

The experts providing the best tattoo numbing spray said cleaning the inked skin before going to bed and applying lotion after it has fully dried is mandatory. As already stated, you lose abundant moisture at night, so please keep the tattoo well hydrated.

Applying Lotion to Peeling and Scabbing Tattoos

When a tattoo starts scabbing, it becomes too dry. Although applying more lotion seems viable, you must be careful. Most tattoos scab lightly, but a few contain dense, thick scabs. These thick scabs are quite absorbent. By applying excess lotion when the scabs are wet after showering or cleaning, you force the scabs to soak moisture and become gooey.

You must apply a tiny amount just like before. Undertake additional action only if the scabs become very dry and bleed.

Peeling tattoos are itchy and look unappealing because skin flakes keep dangling. By applying lotion daily, you can soothe the itching. Be careful to not rip any of the loose skin accidentally.

Applying Lotion to Healed Tattoos

You are wrong to believe that healed tattoos do not need lotion. Your tattoo will look lustrous and attractive only if the skin it is on remains nourished and hydrated. Apply a good amount of moisturising lotion once a day.

According to the experts providing Australian tattoo numbing cream and a host of other aftercare products, make sure your tattoo is clean before applying the lotion. Remember, chances of infection increase when bacteria or germs get trapped between your skin and the layers of lotion. Use a small amount. Too much lotion can clog the pores and trigger pimple formation.