Top 15 qua tang sep thang chuc ma vang an tuong

Every day we have 24 hours, we spend 8 hours at work where there are relationships between colleagues, superiors - subordinates, where you can develop your passions and ideals. Therefore, it is extremely important to show affection and special gratitude to your boss who leads you every ste


The list of 10+ unique boss promotions today

Pot of plant

When it comes to gifts for bosses, we can't help but mention plants. They are all about purity and positivity and they are great for the atmosphere around the boss. However, make sure your boss is willing to take care of that potted plant. 

Gold-plated money tree pot

The gold-plated money tree has a cylindrical body, symbolizing the macho. Leaves radiate in directions with feng shui elements. Money plant pots help bring luck, wealth and happiness. 

A set of scented candles 

It's a lovely thought to give your boss a set of candles as a promotion gift. It signifies warmth and almost everyone wants their life to be warmer and brighter. Scented candles also help your boss relax after hard working hours. 

Painting of peacocks of eternal wealth

boss gift

The painting of a gilded peacock with a peony flower is an appropriate gift for the boss. The lily is the queen of flowers and the peacock is the descendant of the phoenix of the earth. Currently, the gold-plated peacock painting is a gift to congratulate the boss on promotion, which is chosen by many customers. 

Gift to congratulate the boss on promotion: Gold-plated feng shui sailboat

Sailing painting means smooth sailing. Sailing painting is also a gift that many customers look forward to when choosing a gift for their boss for promotion. The gift also conveys to the boss the most meaningful wishes, wishing him well on the road to fame in the future. Wish your boss's work always "smooth sailing". 

Basket of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are a popular choice if you don't know what to give your boss to congratulate him on his promotion. However, if you want to stand out, choose flower baskets with flowers that your boss loves. This will help you score points for subtlety. 

Feng shui golden horse statue

For the Vietnamese, the horse statue is a very popular feng shui symbol. Because the image of the horse has been associated with the life of our people since ancient times. The image of a horse returning means that the person has returned safely. Therefore, the image of a horse also means luck and fortune. 

Gift for the person who promoted: Sticks like that

In the past, wish-fulfilling sticks only appeared in rich mandarins' families. This is a feng shui item that helps bring luck to the owner. The gift of the desired stick also means to wish that everything will go smoothly. The desired stick also means stability, sustainability and satisfaction with what you have. 

Gold-plated golf player statue

Golf is an increasingly popular sport in Vietnam. Leaders also love to play this sport because it requires perseverance, focus and decisiveness. If your boss is also passionate about this sport, just now give him a gilded golf statue on the day he celebrates his promotion. 

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