How to add friends to Steam correctly

Adding more friends to steam is also one of the manifestations of players' combat effectiveness. There are many ways to add friends in Steam.


There are many ways to add friends on Steam. The easiest way is to click on the friends under the profile and choose to add friends. If it goes smoothly, it only takes one operation to succeed. There are also a small number of players who encounter unsuccessful additions during the process of adding them. Let's share the solutions below.

Code coding for friends is also a relatively simple method, which is very suitable for novices who do not understand steam. The steps of code coding are very simple, and all operations are completed on one page. Novice players also need to understand the MMOSO website, which often publishes important information. As long as you know that you have entered the other person's friend code, an add button will appear. After you click Add, the process ends. After you click Add, the other party will receive your friend request, click Accept, and the entire process of adding a friend code ends.

The invitation link needs to be pasted into the browser to open it. This is for the computer port. Generally speaking, the information will not be displayed comprehensively when calling from a mobile phone. To ensure that it is foolproof, it is recommended to use the computer to open it. After opening, if you need to download, you do not need to send an add invitation. Players can proceed to the next step according to the computer prompts, and they can directly add friends after the other party accepts.

Searching for friends is to search for someone else's nickname or ID in the search box. This method is not friendly to the first two methods and has certain drawbacks. As long as it is because the same nickname appears, the same nickname is easy to be confused, and it will be indistinguishable. Many players choose to purchase Steam Level Up to save game time. The most important reason is that has fast Steam Level services, which are safe and reliable. If you want to ensure that the search and addition method is foolproof, you can add face-to-face with your friends, let your friends confirm the account information for you, and then add.

Some newly opened accounts have not spent money, and you will find that you can't add friends. Players who have just registered as a steam member can only enjoy free rights and cannot add friends directly. At this time, you can only add yourself to those who already have consumption. The higher the steam level, the more friends you can add, and the more games you can download. The lower-level Steam account players can only play simple games and cannot communicate with more friends.