Most will also have perches so that they can sleep up high too which cats absolutely love

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The Need To Just Be A CatEven though they may live indoors, cats often need to just be cats and that doesnrsquo;t always work out well for our furnishings.  What does that mean? It simply means that they need a place to expend their energy and natural yearning to climb, play, scratch and even just take a snooze somewhere up off the ground.  And cat trees are designed specifically to meet all of these needs demands without having to let your cat outside.Designed For SuccessWhile they may not look like actual trees, these are actually multi-level activity centers for your pet.  Often called a cat tree house, you will find that they usually include a scratching post to keep claws manageable and deter pets from damaging furniture along with several areas set at different heights to climb. 

Most will also have perches so that they can sleep up high too which cats absolutely love.Take It Up Another LevelBasic models do include quite a lot of features.  However, many owners would rather pay a little extra and be able to provide even more fun options.  The top of the line units are known as cat tree Adjustable Chairs condos which have enclosed cubbies for sleeping and hiding along with multiple attached toys and a larger number of perches.  A tall cat tree is the other choice if you are looking for some more vertical space and is really ideal if you have a feline who goes crazy for climbing. Sleek And ModernSome owners are looking for something which is also visually appealing for them as well. If this is the case with you, there are some chic options too.


  A modern cat tree will match your sleek furniture but also add to the look of your home while at the same time providing a place for cats to enjoy their time and burn up extra energy.A cat tree is the answer for keeping your pet occupied.  Whether you go basic, with a condo, or something extra tall, all have features that are aimed to please and keep the focus off of your furnishings and household items.  Itrsquo;s easy to keep your fur baby happy and healthy with a tree made just for them.