What Are The Standards For Gunpowder Green Tea Cultivation?

What are the planting conditions of China Green Tea?


What are the planting conditions of China Green Tea? It shows that tea planting is mainly concentrated between 16 degrees south latitude and 30 degrees north latitude. Tea trees like a warm and humid climate. The buds begin to sprout when the average temperature is above 10°C, and the optimum temperature for growth is 20-25°C; the annual precipitation should be 1000 mm Above; light-tolerant, suitable for growing under diffused light, life is divided into seedling period, juvenile period, adult period and old age. The following content is about tea planting conditions, so that you can make reasonable judgments and use based on this knowledge during the planting process.

[Soil] Generally, it is sandy loam with a soil layer thickness of more than 1 meter without limestone, good drainage, organic matter content above 1%-2%, good air permeability, water permeability or water storage performance, pH value of 4.5~6.5 should.

[Rainfall] Average rainfall, and the annual rainfall is above 1500 mm. Insufficiency and excess have an impact.

[Sunlight] Light is the primary condition for the survival of tea trees. It cannot be too strong or too weak. It has a special preference for ultraviolet rays, so good tea is produced from high mountains.

[Temperature] One is air temperature, and the other is ground temperature. The daily average temperature needs to be 10 degrees; the lowest temperature cannot be lower than -10 degrees. The annual average temperature is between 18°C ​​and 25°C.

[Topography] The terrain conditions of Gunpowder Green Tea mainly include altitude, slope, and aspect. With the increase in altitude, the temperature and humidity have obvious changes. In a certain altitude mountainous area, there is plenty of rain, more clouds, high humidity, and strong diffuse light. This is beneficial to the growth of tea trees, but it is not as high as possible. Above 1000 meters, there will be frost damage. Generally, it is better to choose the south slope. The slope should not be too large, generally less than 30 degrees.