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Serve immediately. Enjoy!Pesto Tomato Mozzarella Grilled SandwichIngredientsA few slices of multi-grain bread2-3 tomatoes100 gm buffalo mozzarellaPesto SauceBlend basil leaves, cashews or pine nuts, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste (take 2:1 proportion of the leaves to the nuts. Store it for later)MethodSpread some of the pesto onto the multigrain bread slices. And one important element of socialising is food. Do three to four per batch, makes eight to ten in total.Close lid tightly, and blend until you have a smooth blend. In his words, “Friends that eat together, stay forever!” Caramel cold coffee, spanish churros and pesto sandwich are hot selling amongst what friends order at his café.

If desired, sprinkle some oregano over the cheese.Brush both sides of the bread with a little olive oil, and grill on a frying pan or in a griller, until the bread is crisp and golden.Remove onto paper towel lined plate to drain.Garnish a tall glass with caramel by pouring it on the walls of the glass with the help of a spoon. Serve hot with chocolate Sauce!For the chocolate sauce, place it in a heatproof bowl and microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring in between, until smooth.Transfer dough into a piping bag with a 8 mm star tip nozzle.Chef Nicky who runs a café, opposite a college in the heart of Chennai has many students who come as groups to the café.Heat oil over medium high in a wok or small but deep skillet, to 1700C, or until it takes 20 seconds for a small one centimetre cube of manual sandwich panel Manufacturers bread to turn golden. Add oil and water and mix until just combined — it should be a thick batter, like a wet sticky dough, not thin and watery. Let cool while oil heats.Top the bread with tomato slices, and finish off with slices of mozzarella. Then roll in sugar.Just like I have a friend for every occasion, I have a favourite food to go with it too!

Caramel Cold CoffeeIngredients5 scoops of vanilla ice cream30 gm caramel sauce plus a little for garnish1 shot espresso (made with 1 tsp instant coffee powder and 50 ml boiling water)MethodTransfer all ingredients into a blender.Whether it is hanging out “just for fun” over a hot cup of coffee, or sorting through serious troubles, friends are with us through the thick and thin of every emotion that we go through, in the circle of life.Mix flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl.— The writer is a food and travel blogger.Cook for two or three minutes or until golden, rolling occasionally. Pour the cold coffee into the glass.Serve immediately!Spanish ChurrosIngredients Coating:55 gm caster sugar2 tsp ground cinnamonChurros150 gm plain white flour1 tsp baking powderPinch of salt1 tbsp olive oil or other neutral flavoured oil250 ml boiled water2 cups of oil for fryingChocolate sauce100 gm dark chocolate chips125 ml thickened cream (heavy cream)MethodCombine sugar and cinnamon in a shallow bowl, set aside.Top with another slice of bread.

Pipe 15 cm lengths of dough into the oil, snipping with scissors.Thinly slice up the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.As we grow older, it happens many times, that we start spending less time with our friends. Studies have shown that people above the age of 45 who hang out with friends and have a social life are much healthier than those who don’t.There are some of those times, spent with close friends that are forever etched in our memories.DT26