Introduction To Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers Failure

Generally speaking, Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers believes that the reasons for the failure are as follows



The electrification era of explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes is coming, and it is basically related to electricity. Due to the development of modern technology, many inflammable and explosive materials have been bred, and we also have these tools. However, all tools cannot be used permanently. The explosion-proof lighting distribution box is no exception in operation. Generally speaking, Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers believes that the reasons for the failure are as follows:

1. The fire surface of explosion-proof boxes such as explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes cannot be opened due to permanent robbery. Due to oxidation, the fireproof surface will more or less rust, which will cause the explosion-proof surface to not bend and affect the explosion-proof effect.

2. The influence of ambient temperature on low-voltage electrical appliances We know that many low-voltage electrical appliances are mainly composed of fuses, AC contactors, residual current protection devices, capacitors and meters. These low-voltage electrical appliances have limited temperature conditions. If the operating temperature exceeds this range, it will cause a malfunction.

3. Due to the improper selection of the AC contactor capacity during the manufacturing process, the explosion-proof lighting distribution box will install the same capacity AC contactor for different outgoing lines, and will not consider the three-phase load imbalance. The rated current of the output contactor will be partially increased according to the usually selected model, which increases the selection of current levels and causes the AC contactor to burn during hot summer operation.

4. The explosion-proof seal used on the box cover will age after long-term use, which will affect the sealing effect; if the explosion-proof shell is used for too long, natural collision or fall off will affect the anti-corrosion effect.

5. China 200W Led Flood Light Factory is in urgent need of a large number of low-voltage electrical appliances. These reasons make the manufacturer's requirements for product quality not strict, resulting in some products failing soon after being put into use. If certain types of AC contactors are put into operation soon after the distribution box is put into use, they will not operate because the closing coil of the contactor is burned out