Bonus, there's no durability or other Minecraft-like mechanics

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Why couldn't they discharge everything from the beginning? That's what I'm not happy about. I enjoyed that the 120 hours I put in the match and Animal Crossing Items got out until its defects started bothering me too much, but that was before even paintings were added and also with how slow it's to get paintings I feel as though I wasted a great deal of time playing it ahead. The only thing this release schedule/scheme has done is make me want to not play for like 2 decades and pick it up as it feels like a whole game.

Folks are saying that the game is too shallow for them, not that they hate decorating and talking. Edit: We might have while also getting improvements such as crafting more than one item at once.

There's nothing wrong wanting a game to be better, regardless of precedence.

There are at least two people here actually saying they hate talking and decorating. And certain it is no problem if people wish to twist up themselves over something absurd, but it is confusing none the less.

AgeEighty said people want features which were in past matches, and you somehow misinterpreted that as"not wanting things in Animal Crossing." I would not be shocked if you failed to know different comments here as well.

They can begin with sending a completed product on release.

I avoided New Horizons because of this update scheme, and the difficulties people are having with it because are almost vindicating. Nobody should dislike playing Animal Crossing if they are going into it with a relaxed head, so it sucks to see folks frustrated with it, but I recommend New Leaf rather than Even with its single Welcome Amiibo expansion (which is currently on the capsule for new carts), the game was not in upgrade hell and was more or less complete on day one.

Bonus, there's no durability or other Minecraft-like mechanics. However, you lose the candy map-making abilities...

The item is currently complete on launch. This game wasn't in development for decades for nothing. And I'm not someone who's going to move against Aya Kyogoku considering how much she revitalized AC on New Leaf and now on New Horizons as manager, to the point at which she was encouraged a year in cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Nintendo as manager in place of Nogami (producer of Splatoon/AC) who was also encouraged.