EA reformed the franchise model in Madden 21

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In response to the warm request of most loyal fans, EA has finally changed the franchise model in Madden 21 recently. As early as before the release of Madden 21, players expressed their ardent expectations for it, but in fact nothing changed, which caused Madden 21 to receive fewer cheers after its release. Although EA released many promotions in the later period to help players not only save MUT 21 Coins but also get high-value items and player cards, this phenomenon still exists, and players still think that the franchise model has brought them.

Up to now, we can say that EA’s update of the franchise on Madden 21 is the most correct step they have taken. This update has some important game updates, including area coverage and the elimination of time loopholes in winning games by making opponents withdraw. New commodity controls have also appeared, and this is an appreciable change. Madden players all over the world are cheering for this. Especially those controls and triggers that allow self-management, which can improve the fidelity of the picture.

Setting a limit on the number of games and the number of games you have to wait for the second call is an immense improvement. This type of gaming sets MUT apart from Franchise, and the league often encounters problems with players mixing these modes. Overall, the feedback was very positive. This year has caused a significant loss of fan confidence in the game, but now this situation has improved a lot. Someone might say that these MUT 21 Coins should be resolved by now and that they are easy to solve and possibly correct that we cannot change them as a step in the right direction.

Now EA has to seize this opportunity to further optimize and improve those functions that players love. They can no longer disappoint players with Madden games. Players should also Buy more Cheap MUT Coins, GameMS is their best place. There are more challenges in the future. Come on!