If you have already got a high damage bonuses at a distance

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Although you're not able OSRS gold for sale to acquire that many tokens so fast, keep in mind that there are limited uses to tokens and that there isn't any fluctuation on their price (meaning that the tokens you're able to earn today will be worth the same theoretically as the ones you'll receive when you are 120 Dun). An excellent analogy is the concept of storing your effigies until you are able to complete them yourself. In either you choose, the reward at the end will be exactly the same (Dragonkin Lamp), the only difference is the things you'll give up in the process of getting there (in the case of xp, it's different areas).

So , the basic idea I would suggest that you purchase CCB and charge chaotics with tokens. Assuming 2 dungeons per hour, at 20k tokens per equals 40k tokens or equivalent to 3.6m. This is a great idea... but not everyone can be 120 dg. I don't really have a great team which is why I am earning around 10-11k tokens an hour, which is roughly 0.9-1m. Yeah, that's less than what I make through other jobs.

What I'm suggesting is: If you have already got a high damage bonuses at a distance (ie. Void) you'll need CCB since it increases chances of those high hits reoccurring. Meanwhile if you have a more precise armor (ie. Armadyl) you'll require Rigour since you're already hitting so frequently You could even enhance each hit.

The concept is that you'll be there... or close and the tokens you earn then will be worth as much as they are today. Even though 17k tokens seem like a lot today but one day they'll become pocket change and you'd much rather have more than 17k tokens (that can be used on Dungeoneering points).

Unfortunately, at this point buy runescape 3 gold your thoughts are probably made up. I've turned the question into a persuasive essay to help you understand the issue (more than a debate actually). But you're right; the other equipment you have plays a significant role, as does the ways Jagex actually handles these bonuses which is why I think this becomes difficult to conceptualize mathematically. Damage boost with prayer stacks over an empty... There's no reason to not use both.