Common Causes for Neck Pain

In summary, in my opinion, most cases of joint pain in those under 70 years old are not caused by "arthritis" or "getting older". They are caused by doing too much of the same thing over and over again which leads to an imbalanced joint that isn't properly ali


This posture will set someone up for shoulder   Nervogen Pro Review  pain which won't be seen on any x-ray and, if not addressed, will eventually put a damper on this guy's upper body fitness program because his shoulder pain will not let him do any over head work or even bicep curls.

But this isn't limited to those who may be in the gym. The same thing can happen if you sit at a desk all day or sit behind a steering wheel for long periods of time. You will still get the same "rounded" look and develop shoulder pain on the front of the shoulder. While you may not be lifting weights, you will still find it hard to raise your arm overhead for anything, or carry something heavy, like a gallon of milk.

Both of these scenarios illustrate the importance of having good articular balance, or, in everyday terms, balanced muscular strength and flexibility around a joint.