Pokemon BDSP Player beat Cynthia with a team of Unowns

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Once players have completed Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it will be difficult to find a reason to keep playing. Maybe after a long time, the experience will feel fresh again, but for some gamers, replaying the game right away can be difficult.

One way to get more miles from a game is to find new and interesting ways to beat unusual games. Some gamers choose to run the game quickly to try and master it and provide a reason to keep coming back, while others like to set themselves up for seemingly impossible challenges.

That's what Twitch streamer Matt_the_FossilJock chose to do with the Pokemon Shining Pearl after beating the elite foursome to complete the game's Pokemon League. Matt_the_FossilJock decided to train the entire Unown team to be between levels 66 and 69 and take down the elite quartet, including the extremely difficult Cynthia, in a long battle of almost 30 minutes.

One of the highlights of Unown Pokemon is that it can take the form of many letters and symbols, giving players the opportunity to capture many variations of Unown, and the streamer decided to name his party Team Boobs! Spell the word in his party by using Unown's.

Unown is a very interesting Pokémon option for defeating Elite Four, as it can only learn one move, Hidden Power, which is listed as a normal type move, but it will vary depending on the Pokemon that uses it. However, in Pokemon BDSP, only Unown has learned to attack, making it the only mind move in the game, unless the Pokemon is traded from another game.

With a base power of only 60, this move doesn't do much damage, but it does have some typing advantage over Cynthia's team, which consists of Ghost, Grass, Poison, Water, Ground, Fighting, and Dragon-type Pokemon, so This helps make combat more manageable.

The worst matchup in this fight was against Milotic, which was pretty frustrating for a normal team, let alone a team made up of just the Unowns. One of the more interesting aspects of the fight is that Garchomp poses little threat to the Unown team, Unown "Skeeter" is able to beat it with speed and one-shot kills with hidden power. Garchomp is the last Pokemon used by Cynthia and is usually the end of the road for many trainers.

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