lg Tv Network Connection Error 106

Network error 106 LG TV Concerns the roots of its problem from the internet connectivity problem.


Network error 106 LG TV Concerns the roots of its problem from the internet connectivity problem. It can appear due to different form of reasons while the main can be due to a bad internet connectivity from the source or the wronging of date and time and many other issues concerning. Majorly an individual finds the problem in the error code or more of when the router of WIFI is an unable to find permission in the television’s MAC services.

Many people still are in no position to find the root of the problem and that’s when the last resort of looking and going through the guide comes in, which can surely be helpful for an individual to find their way through the problem.

The situation can vary with the reason of low connectivity. One can find different problems related to bad network or internet so the further article I hope will be of help.

How to fix LG television error code 106

Power cycle one’s router:

This can be one of the reasons of causing the error code 106. The process initiates with plugging all your wires out of the main socket. That can help the process once you wait for thirty or more seconds and then plug it back in the sockets given for each.

While changing and repluming the cable and wires appointed, you can check after some seconds the removal of the error if the error actually begun due to the very cause.

Checking your internet connection:

One for safety purposes can check their internet connectivity and speed as it can be one of the causes of the error and one’s reason of stress.

The removal of your WIFI password temporarily:

There can be chance where your connectivity doesn’t show even when the sign of positive network is visible. One can take no risk in matters like this and ruin the chances of changing the route of error which eventually can result into complicated situations. Changing of your WIFI password can shut down the system temporarily and then you can try and connect your television with the router.

The setting of DNS manually:

In some cases, the server DNS can go down or flip off which can lead to the arisen of the error. The sign on the television can be an example of the arrival of the issue and one method of setting of DNS can help to switch the process. The methods regarding DNS can be found on the google luckily that can help you solve the problem and erase your problem.

The steps below to help you set up the DNS:

  • Switch your device on and directly to towards the setting option.
  • There will be an option named as Advance WIFI settings. Select and click on it.
  • After following the above steps, unrestraint the box given with given option which says with the text, Set Automatically.
  • The last steps being the box type of DNS Checking it, click on it to connect.

And that results into the completion of the process.

The setting of correct Date and Time:

One major reason to face the problem of error can be the wrongly set Date and Time on your device. One faces this issue a lot which can lead to the arisen of the error. It can be a problem as it can create cause of disbalances with the current connectivity, so they should always be set correctly.

The steps down can be followed correctly:

  • Switch your device on and directly go towards the settings option which will give you a further option of all settings. Choose and select it.
  • The following option will give you a tab named general option which you will choose, directly going towards the Date and Time option and clicking on it.
  • By selecting this option, you can set the current date and time according to your recent time zone.

Addition of Television’s MAC address to the Router settings:

The address of MAC has its own different identifier that is specifically defined to a network interface controller which can be useful to use the connectivity address in the line of communications within the segments of networking.

Which also means any networking segment, like your specific router, which can identify any nearby devices with it’s given Mac address and that’s when the problems arises when one cannot detect the originality, leading to the facing of issue like LG Television error 106.

If the problem doesn’t begin here, it means that your MAC is not connected to its router settings manually.

In that case, the process given below can be helpful:

  • Firstly, you have to look for your TV’s MAC address by following the above setting steps.
  • You can login to your router settings by using your laptop or desktop.
  • Going directly to your advanced option, you can click on the option tab named Whitelist, that only allow MAC addresses.
  • Next and the last step is to add your MAC address and feed it correctly.

I hope the above steps help you.