List of 4 Major Views of Hell in Christianity - What You're Burning to Know

The placated trifles, incidentals and imitated courteous nuances will not do it, when the core of the apple (relationship) is rotting with seething unspoken fear of loss, agitated unsettled insecurities and unidentified suspicions..


I have a BS in Communication with a MA in Art Education Soul Manifestation Review currently pursuing a Ph.D in Educational Psychology. I am an Executive Cosmic Therapist, Sexual Psycho-analyst, artist, author, entertainer, motivational speaker,teacher, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, professional astrologer, tarot consultant, Numerologist, poet and self-taught chef

Esoteric Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy IF the answer is: "no, I don't know, I think so, maybe, probably not or I hope so", the day and hour has arrived to step up to the plate and hit a resounding "YES" of a home run. The score board's lit up in red flashing numbers; your name's blinking horizontally across the gigantic stadium screen, the music is sounding; it's your turn to bring it home!

Not that there's any undue pressure on your performance, or anything like that; it's simply a matter of your existence being that important to the entire game. In other words, what you do, matters! When you bail out of the sport, there's an irreplaceable indention in the playing field. It takes all of us doing our designated parts to make it work.