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In all honesty, Mostert has a point. Mostert was clocked in the hands of NFL Next Gen Stats as having the two most efficient runs of madden coins the 2020 seasonwith an 80-yard touchdown vs. his fellow Jets at the end of Week 2 which he was recorded at 23.09 MPH and a 76-yard touchdown against the Cardinals in Week one that saw him reach 22.73 MPH. Mostert posted highlights from the two runs to his Instagram account on Saturday, with a request for the Madden NFL 21 score raised to a max of 99.

Mostert isn't just the second NFL player to make a request that his speed rating to be increased to 99. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill also made that request in 2018 and ended up getting his rating raised by 99 after speaking with someone with game editor EA Sports. Hill is the fastest player in the game which is followed by Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs at 98 and Mostert, Ravens receiver Marquise Brown, Eagles receiver Marquise Goodwin in addition to Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman with 97.

It will be interesting to see the outcome if Mostert is successful with his suggestion. If anyone deserves to be on the same level as Hill the person to do it is Mostert. Mostert was a standout on the track in college at Purdue and once posted times of 10.15-second time in the 100-meter run and an 20.65-second mark in the 200-meter race.

Hill has once posted a 200-meter time of 20.14 as well as a 100-meter time of 10.19 as well as once running a sub-ten second time in the 100-meter dash , albeit with the wind blowing from behind. Hill's fastest time during the season of 2020 reached an all-time high velocity in 21.91 seconds.

Fans who logged on to Snoop's Madden NFL 21 Twitch session over the weekend witnessed something entirely different. In a Washington Football Team versus the San Francisco 49ers match, Snoop's game started to buy Madden 22 coins slide after he scored 14-0 during an initial fifteen minutes game.