The Greatest of All of God's Works

A celebration ritual might be as simple as a special place setting or a little symbol put on someone's plate or on their pillow.


Capitalize on the power of the holidays. Thanksgiving,  The New Happiness Code Review   Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and feast days are filled with opportunities to establish rituals. And your family kind of expects you to do things to try making these times more special, so you may get less resistance. Establish a ritual of prayer around Advent or Lent, then let it continue into Ordinary Time.

Look for various areas in your life where you can begin to inject new rituals. You can create rituals for greeting each other, saying good morning, or welcoming each other home. You can create rituals surrounding eating meals and celebrating accomplishments. You can create rituals around serving people outside of your home or serving each other within the family. There are many opportunities in family life to establish rituals.

Start small, keep it simple, and make it fun. I know the word "ritual" sounds all formal and official. But rituals aren't always scripted or solemn. Greeting rituals can include tickling or hugging or shouting out a funny saying.