However the current king has to be Carmelo Anthony

However the current king has to be Carmelo Anthony


NBA 2K22 MT comes with a myriad of badges for enhancing their MyPlayer builds, but they're not all able to offer your baller a valuable boost. We've already discussed some of the best badges as well as MyPlayer builds you can make for a head start on your opponents, but we'll now look at the most unfavorable selections. Here are the top 10 badges in NBA 2K22 spread across shooting defense, finishing, and playmaking.

As is the case with everything related to MyPlayer Builds, even if we consider these badges to be the 10 worst badges, that doesn't mean they can't ever be helpful for any particular build class. There are endless options to create an effective MyPlayer in NBA 2K22 but these are 10 badges we think won't cut most arrangements.

What is the best NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Team Player Card?

Although the top 14 Basketball 2K22 Player Card are desirable We have our own view on which of these cards are most enjoyable in the game. Also, the current meta to look at, as any card that is unable to beat the best blockers won't have a chance of winning.

The best card to be among those Pink Diamonds is Wilt Chamberlain. Pick and Roll and Blocking is the current term used to describe basketball 2K22 and Wilt Chamberlain excels in both areas. Wilt can block shots as flies and can also give or receive for pick and rolls.

If you're focused on offense, Devin Booker can also be considered as one of the top NBA 2K22 MyTEAM player cards. He is very versatile in offense. He can post up and drive and spread the floor by threatening with a 3-pointer. He's also an excellent Pick and Roll handler and can defend quite well.

He's not as efficient in the same way as Wilt on the block, however this isn't his greatest quality. He's also pulled around by larger players. His lower strength stat, which can cause him to be pushing back or being pushed around.

If you're looking for a strong perimeter defender to add to your squad, you can not miss out on Rajon Rondo. While he's certainly not the greatest scorer in the game with his abysmal shooting stats however, he's also one of the top defenders on the ball in the game. You can change to your position player to let AI do the work of protecting the ball's handler by throwing Rajon Rondo running around. When he has the ball in his hand, he can be an excellent playmaker, driving inside and finish strong.

However the current king has to be Carmelo Anthony. Based on his stats alone that 996 OVR card is the best card to have to play with at this moment. It will take a lot of effort to obtain the player, though, because you'll really need grind the season 1 games to earn him. But once you acquire Carmelo Anthony.

You will have in your 2K22 MT Buy the most offensive team at the moment. You'll easily overlook his defense, as you'll quickly catch up with scoring. It's not to say that his defense is poor, it's simply not the most effective. Don't give Melo some ball most of the time he'll finish with a score while you cross the court to the opposite side of the court.