Everything you need to learn about OSRS Mobile

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One year is complete also it looks like that the Old School RuneScape Mobile was in the grasp. In Mar 2018, the growth team released a beta version of the mobile game, which has been tested by around 2,000 users. After comprehensively testing the beta version, there exists a compilation that lists each of the necessary information you should be aware of the game. So, with virtually no further ado, let's keep reading.

Which platforms will probably be supported by OSRS Mobile? The current beta version is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. After launching the full version of the game, it's expected that it will likely be released for both the platforms on Google Play and Apple Store. Therefore, both users can buy OSRS Gold to continue playing the game. Yes, it can be great news for both the fans (Android iOS users) as they do not need to convert then download. However, for your Linux and Windows users, you must borrow an iPhone or perhaps an Android phone to experiment with this ultimate game around the mobile device. I know it truly is sad.

Is there an independent World for that Mobile Game Users? Of course not! The Old School RuneScape game will appeal to you in the same world because it tends to have from the desktop version. Jagex hasn't released any hints on this and I don't assume that they are going to be doing that any moment sooner. Once you download the OSRS mobile, you are going to be able to experience OSRS and the PC users too. And the pros is the world in the sport will be the one that you have seen from the PC version.

Will You be able to listen to music while playing OSRS Mobile? Jagex cleared it whenever they released the beta version that you simply can play music from the background while playing OSRS on mobile. The situation regarding music is very clear and I don't think we require any further explanation on that.

So, that may be all you must be aware of OSRS Mobile. I am quite excited for you. Let me know your thinking on Mobile OSRS comments.