Would you like to share your ACNH experience with the British Museum?

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As an Animal Journey: New Horizons player, would you like to share your game experience and submit it as a document in accordance with the requirements of the British National Video Game Museum?

The National Video Game Museum in Sheffield, UK is inviting Animal Journey: Fans of New Horizons to share their experiences of playing this game during the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest movie in the Animal Crossing series was released earlier this spring when social distancing rules around the world were getting stricter. Since its release, this game has become very popular, especially when players are isolated from the world. It is the winter of the game. Players need to collect decorations and snowflakes and build snowmen. Decorations, snowflakes, and large snowflakes, the latter is obtained by building a perfect snowman, which can be used to make holiday DIY items.

The yellow poodle Isabel, who made her debut in 2013's Animal Crossing: New Leaves, also had her birthday recently. However, Nintendo did not prepare an event in the game to celebrate her birthday. This makes the fans very angry, because the villagers always have the activities in the game, and the non-village characters do not. But this did not stop the players from celebrating Isabel's birthday. Some fans create artworks or hold celebrations in the city hall.

Recognizing the ubiquity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the National Videogame Museum invites players to share their gaming experience during COVID-19. There is a form on the museum's website where participants can enter their name, email address, and documents they want to share. If the interviewee wishes, you can also include their location or country. The National Video Game Museum accepts diaries, written experiences, video trips or screenshots of players' islands, video or audio files describing their experiences, original works of art, screenshots of animal trip group chats, etc. Will you share screenshots of Animal Crossing Bells in your inventory?

Although Animal Journey: New Horizons was only released this year, it has already been recognized by a museum exhibition, which is an impressive feat. The museum does not seem to exclude any form of submission, so it includes everyone who wants to contribute. This ensures that the museum will receive a wide range of stories and experiences, which will surely make an even more interesting exhibition. There is also some incredible fan art that is definitely worth showing in a museum. Fortunately, it is questionable whether the crazy Redd will make any fake submissions.

It is unclear how long the National Video Game Museum will accept these documents, but the undisclosed fact means that players should have time to share their experiences. But not as simple and direct as buy Animal Crossing Bells. Would you choose to spend time refining your own screenshots and recorded videos, and choose or make a better video for your sharing to be exhibited?