Use Of Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks

Although we rarely use cam buckle straps with hooks in our daily lives, we have indeed seen them.


Although we rarely use cam buckle straps with hooks in our daily lives, we have indeed seen them. After all, it has many uses, especially in some large transportation industries. It is very common, so it should be familiar to everyone.

We can see that cam belts with hooks are mainly used for belt conveyors in coal mines, ports, docks, grain warehouses, metal mines and airports. The role of the cam buckle with hook in the transportation process is still not small. However, the most important prerequisite for the safe use of conveyor belt buckles is the correct installation of the cam buckle belt with hooks. Let's talk about the installation of cam buckle with hook.

First, we open the belt buckle. After opening the belt buckle, please do not put sundries and other cartons or cartons on the rack and stainless steel rack to avoid deformation of the rack, damage to the machine head, paper feed, belt buckle, etc. Please wait.

Remember not to change the machine head or stand at will. The original purpose of the original magnetic head and the entire rack is retained to prevent abnormal use of the magnetic head due to replacement of the rack, and strict testing has been carried out on the entire original factory.

The above are the precautions for installing the cam buckle with hook. Of course, there are other preventive measures, such as over center buckle and some other buckle preventive measures. However, the first thing to pay attention to when installing these belt buckles is your own safety.