News about the new extension of Path of Exile has spread

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Many POE players hate Cyberpunk 2077 very much. This is because its release time is too close to the original release time of Path of Eile’s new expansion, so the game team has to delay the latter in order to preserve the overall situation. Now the news about the expansion of POE 3.13 has finally appeared. GGG will broadcast information about the new extension through the game’s Twitch channel at 8pm on January 7. This is even more exciting to players currently playing in the Heist Flashback Event. They have a greater desire for more POE Currency.

Although there is not much reliable news, it is enough to ignite the enthusiasm of players. What players can confirm at present is that the new features in patch 3.13 will mainly focus on the final game. Maybe players may see more challenging Boss or a new batch of epic equipment in the new league. Either way, you don’t have to wait a long time to make up your mind, because the version is scheduled to be released on PC on January 15, 2021, and may be released on Xbox one week later.

Starting from December 18th, most POE players choose to have a fresh experience in the Heist Flashback Event that differs from the original Heist League. It will last for three weeks, which means it will end during the new extension of GGG live broadcast. Today means that players only have about two weeks to play it. Every old POE player knows that if they want to surpass other players in the new league, they must use a lot of POE Items. The current activities just provide them with the opportunity to get POE Items, but it depends on everyone’s effort.

News about the new expansion of POE on the Internet is also flying everywhere. Every player who is competitive should put his best efforts to deal with this expansion to stand out. It is, after all, an extension that the game team has spent so long producing, and its content must be richer than previous extensions. Rich players can directly Buy more POE Items and POE Trade Currency to add some protection to themselves.