What Should I Pay Attention To When Customizing Watches?

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In order to make the watch unique and personal, create brand value, etc., customized watches have become the favorite of major watch brands and corporate gifts. Don't think that customizing a watch is easy. In fact, many details need to be paid attention to, such as the minimum order quantity of the custom watch, the style of choice, and the delivery date. If you are not very clear about these details, you must remember to communicate with the Luxury Watches Factory.

What should I pay attention to when customizing watches from a Luxury Watches Manufacturer?

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1. MOQ: When customizing watches with custom-made watch manufacturers, the MOQ will definitely be communicated. MOQs for watches of different materials are different. For example, watches made of alloy, plastic, silicone, and other materials can usually be ordered by a watch manufacturer at least 500 pieces each; for watches made of stainless steel, tungsten steel, etc., at least 300 pieces each can be ordered.

2. Choose the style: The Watches Factory can customize it with drawings and samples, or customize it for you, or choose the existing style of the custom watch manufacturer. However, one thing we must pay attention to when choosing a style is that if it is a developed style, it needs to be re-opened.

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3. Delivery period: After discussing the details with the manufacturer, it is usually to make a sample before making the goods, and the other is to directly make large goods to produce large goods. At this time, you need to sign a contract to ensure that your own interests will not be damaged. You need to pay attention to the delivery period, deposit, and product after-sales. The production time of watches of different materials is different.

The above are the details to pay attention to when customizing watches. We have been focusing on watch customization for many years. We have a professional factory workshop and a variety of advanced production equipment. We provide one-stop service from sample production, accessory control to assembly. Welcome to inquire.