How to Find a Broker in Forex Trading

In 9 ½ years of statistical analysis - 2000 to June 2010 - there were 6702, positive and negative reversals; 2.93 per day on an hourly chart. This is significant information for trading in Forex!


What trading system or trading indicator can  Exynox Scalper Review  actually tell you the number of pips profit it made for the last 10 years on every single signal? If you knew that kind of data, what could it do to your trading success? Regardless of whether you were a beginning or advanced trader that kind of information would be priceless.

The RSI, Relative Strength Index, allows this kind of statistical analysis on each of 4 signals that are created by differing momentum scenarios. This is different than running a back test of a system. This is taking the signals that actually showed up graphically on RSI of the EURUSD currency pair in the hourly time frame.

Although we can't go into detail here; two of the signals, positive and negative divergences didn't do well and averaged negative pips over the 9 ½ years. This is a testament to people who try to trade them and find it difficult and/or frustrating. The data, when studied carefully indicates that divergences are traded incorrectly in trending markets. However, if the right type of divergence was traded in a specific trending direction than profits would be made.