What is the occupation and advantage category of Path of Exile

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For those who have just joined Path of Exile recently, the news that the POE 3.13 expansion did not arrive as scheduled does not affect their mood of playing games. Because the three epic activities this month are enough for them to cope. And many players have not even fully understood a lot of the content in the standard league. They hope to gradually penetrate the exile world after they understand the basic gameplay and concepts. Some foresight players purchased POE Currency and POE Items before entering the game to maintain their normal activities in the game.

Those players who don’t know anything about Path of Exile should start with profession. Take The Shadows, one of the most used by players as an example, they can kill the enemy in the most effective and despicable way to looting the treasure or POE Currency on it. The assassin is easier to do because it can deal with fatal blows and poisons. Vandals are a more detailed advantage because they destroy and weaken the enemy through traps and mines.

Finally, Trickster walked on the rope of caution and deadline through defensive passive skills and offensive passive skills. The wise and frank templar fell from his companions, but he was not with God, he was a holy man who reached a perfect balance between body and mind. However, his Ascendancies inclined. The inquisitor guides the wrath of the god through elemental damage, the sage is both offensive and practical through totem and branding, and the guardian tank also has a halo, making him a shield of strength and hope.

Although in the current Path of Exile, choosing the right profession is no longer so important for players, but it is still very useful for players who want to learn POE-related knowledge. They’d better keep up with the progress of most players before GGG releases POE 3.13 expansion, and second, it is best to Buy POE Currency and reserve it for emergency. Otherwise, they will leave behind.