Bottega Veneta Sandals full throttle in their daily

Bottega Veneta Sandals full throttle in their daily



I love working with silver, says Ghanaian-born, London-raised jeweller Emefa Cole. It's soft and malleable, making it such a pleasure to sculpt. I'm particularly in love with the transformative nature of silver-the possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of finishes, she adds, describing the mirror-like shine or unassuming black patina it can take on. If there were a Fashion Olympics, AAP Rocky and Amina Muaddi would have to battle it out for the gold medal in personal style. The two creatives are so Bottega Veneta Sandals full throttle in their daily outfits, sharing them on their Instagram feeds and on red carpets, that following along provides a thrill akin to that of a full fashion show. The good news is that rather than duelling, the pair are collaborating on a new collection of AWGE x Amina Muaddi shoes.

Now, 21st-century designers are picking up the baton. I love silver because it feels modern, elegant, and unpretentious, says LA-based Sophie Buhai. The silver woman is a distinct kind of woman, whose interest is in the jewellery's creativity, shape, and form, and less in its commercial value. As part of Balenciaga's third and final curation is a display of fur-lined variations of Balenciaga's sell-out Speed sneaker and Triple S trainer range that are fit for streetwear enthusiasts. If you are on the lookout for something more feminine though, look no further than the Essex pump. Crafted Bottega Veneta Boots out of gold python-effect calfskin, the shoe has an elegant stiletto heel that pairs well with dresses, skirts and trousers alike.

In its riffing on archetypes, as he described the exercise, this collection made some viable proposals as to Bottega Veneta Shoes how Givenchy's tailoring-which Williams said is doing well with his clientele-can appeal to a new generation of suit wearers. The key constellation here is uncomplicated cuts with minimal but noticeable detailing tailoring like the men's black tech suit buckled at the waist, or the women's slightly boxy skirt suit adorned with hardware, or the men's relaxed three-button navy suit worn over a detachable hoodie under-piece. You could even add the monogrammed denim suit to that exemplification, although it technically doesn't count as tailoring.