Zcmd768 Type Hot Air Stenter To Avoid Disconnection

Custom Flat Screen Printing is composed of heating device, working room and rotating device.



Custom Flat Screen Printing is composed of heating device, working room and rotating device. This setting machine can be rotated under the drive of the rotating device to avoid the problem that high-temperature medium gas is always sprayed on the same cloth when the air outlet is fixed, and it solves the uneven heating of the product caused by the uneven temperature of the studio. Problem, effectively improve the uniformity of the product after shaping and drying. At the same time, this product has a simple structure and convenient processing, which can make the textiles uniformly dried and meet the strict quality requirements for the product.

The suture must be flexible. The suture must be even and smooth to reduce the suture or friction in the groove and in the groove, and avoid defects such as thread breakage and uneven stitch tension. Sewing needles are also called sewing needles and machine needles. In order to achieve the ideal fit of the sewing needle, the sewing material and the sewing thread, the appropriate sewing needle must be selected. Finishing knitting garments through ironing to make the appearance smooth and the size accurate. When ironing, insert a liner inside the garment to keep the product in a certain shape and specification. The size of the liner is slightly larger than that required by the garment to prevent the size from being too small after being retracted. The ironing temperature is generally safer to be controlled between 180℃~200℃, and it is not easy to burn yellow and scorch.

The compact spinning is to add a bundling area in front of the front roller of the traditional ring spinning frame, so that the fibers have a process of finishing and bundling before being twisted, reducing or even eliminating the twisting triangle area, making the fibers compact and evenly arranged. Straight, the edge fiber is reduced, so the hairiness of the yarn is reduced, and the yarn evenness and strength of the yarn are improved. At present, there are two ways of compacting and gathering fibers. One is to gather fibers by airflow; the other is to gather fibers by mechanical means. In the process of compact spinning and twisting into yarn, the fibers are relatively straight and parallel, and the structure is good. The internal and external transfer of the fibers is reduced. The surface fibers and the fibers on both sides of the beard are controlled, and the fiber ends are easily twisted into the yarn body. Therefore, the compact spinning yarn has uniform evenness, improved strength, reduced hairiness, and improved friction resistance. In addition, in the subsequent processing, singeing, waxing, and pilling of the fabric can be eliminated, the efficiency of Custom Flat Screen Printing can be improved, and the printing and dyeing effect of the fabric can be improved.