Old School Runescape Open Beta Arrives on Android And Has Made $800 Million

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Old School Runescape developer Jagex has said the franchise to use 17 numerous existing has created more than 800 million dollars in sales. According to Jagex CEO Phil Mansell, there have been over 250 million player accounts created and this number remains growing consistently. Because of this, Cheap RS Gold and OSRS Gold for sale have always been a hot topic, and you can easily find information about these topics in many forums.

These statistics were announced during Develop: Brighton 2018. With so many player accounts created, it is surprising that the average lifespan of an active account has exceeded 7 years. These statistics appear at the same time as the open beta version of Old School Runescape on Android cellular devices. You can now use your phone to download the entire MMO and participate in it.

We already knew that Old School Runescape will be coming to mobile eventually, but it really has been delayed too many times since its original announcement. Thankfully, the wait has ended – well, for most. Android users worldwide have access to the open beta with the iOS release set. Unfortunately, this open beta does include some caveats.

It's pretty simple to find the Old School Runescape Android open beta simply by searching for it for the Google Play store. You can even visit and use your chosen PC account about the mobile version with all of the stats and items carrying over. The catch at this time is that you must be a lively member and have a dynamic monthly subscription on your own preferred account so that you can enjoy the open mobile beta.

Believe it or otherwise not, Old School Runescape does assist you to purchase a membership using in-game currency. You can buy "bonds" in-game off their players inside the game while using the Grand Exchange market. Bonds are selling today for just over four million gold. If you don't employ a membership or gold to acquire one, have a look at some news in regards to the beta.