Crafted in the land of CCS Wire Manufacturers

Crafted in the land of CCS Wire Manufacturers



Banarasi Saree: Crafted in the land of CCS Wire Manufacturers, Banarasi Saree is considered to be the finest saree in India. The finest silk, intricate designs, gold silver zari textures on the borders, Lavish embroidery work on the body borders, simply makes it the most elegant sophisticated choice.

This saree is a popular bridal choice in India, you can also attend any grand event or wedding in it with traditional gold jewelry.

Kanchipuram Saree: Kanchi or Kancheepuram, a city of Tamilnadu where it is woven from the pure mulberry thread. The wide contrast borders, vibrant colors the classy design of borders mostly in temple or floral patterns, redefines gracefulness.

Except for weddings, it is a great choice for attending any occasion or festivals like Diwali, Puja, etc.

Assam Silk Sarees: As the name suggests, this beautifully designed sarees are crafted in Assam. These sarees are woven from the famous Muga silk. They are widely popular because of its extreme durability. After every hand-wash the lustre increases.

For any occasion, even you can grab it for office use as it is much easier to carry.

Tussar or Bhagalpuri Saree: The silk city of India, Bhagalpur is the land where Tussar or bhagalpuri sarees are made. The intrinsic designs, superior quality, traditional look everything comes under this.

Be it a party, regular wear, office wear, wedding wear or any function these sarees are ideal for every occasion.

Baluchori Saree: Bengal more specifically Murshidabad is the place where this saree was originated. The baluchori saree can be easily distinguished by the pallu of the saree where Mythological scenes are portrayed.

This designer yet traditional saree is ideal for any wedding or festivals to attend.

Tant Saree: This is a traditional Bengali Saree which is a must-have in every women's wardrobe. This saree is considered to be the most comfortable easy to tackle saree due to its lightness and transparency. This simple yet elegant looking saree elevates the beauty of a woman in the most natural way.

Ideal for any festive occasion, office use, daily use.

Kesava Sarees: A thick golden border a plain simple white or off-white colored body is what defines a Kesava saree which is basically a modernized version of Kerala's traditional wear dhoti or mundu. Though it is now available in different colors. Simplicity, elegance charms these words can together define Kesava Saree.

Best for any traditional occasion.

Chanderi Saree: Just like Bengal's tant chanderi also has the features like lightness, transparency but what distinguishes it is the sheer texture of the fabric designs of the traditional coins, floral art, peacocks and geometry. The saree is a perfect choice if you are looking for a sophisticated piece.

Suitable for both casual ceremonies.

Bomkai Saree: Originated in Odisha, this stylist saree gives a gracious look. The ancient belief that the fish is a sign of success affluence, is depicted in the borders of Bomkai saree. The tribal touch of it makes it even more popular in the recent fashion trend. When clubbed with golden jewelry a big bindi, you will look absolutely fabulous in it.

Best to pick for a traditional occasion.

So these are the sarees that you must include in your saree collection.