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Now that you know about the causes of cellulite, it's time to discuss how to treat cellulite. A healthy diet and exercise is the first step in the treatment of cellulite.


As the weather starts to get warmer outside,  Nulavance Review  many of us start looking ahead towards summer, and spending lazy days on a beach somewhere with a cool drink in hand. While for many of us this mental picture brings with it a sense of calm and relaxation, for others this can bring forth a feeling of anxiety with regards to the weight gained during the winter months and the appearance of cellulite on our bodies.

While affecting women predominantly, cellulite has nothing to do with the excessive presence of fat in one's body, as many women may think. In fact, cellulite occurs when fat cells do not align properly with the connective tissue underneath. As a result a "dimpled" appearance occurs.

While unsightly as cellulite may be to some women, the reason for its appearance varies from case to case. However, the fact that this condition occurs predominantly in women tells doctors that its presence is most likely related to the estrogen hormone levels in women. Other factors that are believed to contribute to the appearance of cellulite include stress and dietary reason such as the excessive consumption of carbohydrates, and having a low amount of fiber in one's diet.