Mua qua tang chia tay sep nam ve huu an tuong

Also, you must choose farewell gifts for male bosses , superiors who are about to move to a higher position or to another workplace. Those gifts will show your respect and gratitude to this "teacher" who is about to leave.


Gold-plated arowana painting – Year of friendship

Arowana has a long body, wide antennae, large scales, and fierce shape. It is said that the arowana is the embodiment of the dragon. Leaving the arowana in the house will increase the majesty of the owner, the ace of the selfish petty person and raise the level of destiny for the recipient to receive more prosperity.

Due to their large scales and large fins stacked in many layers, the ancients thought that they resembled gold coins stacked on top of each other. Therefore, decorating arowana statue in the house will help the recipient to have more fortune and prosperity.

Arowana painting inlaid with 24k gold

Why buy retirement gifts for male bosses?

Giving gifts to your boss every time you have a special occasion is a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people so far. Giving gifts to a retired boss is an expression of the nation's noble moral tradition: "When you eat fruit, you remember who planted the tree" or "When you drink water, remember the source"; express your gratitude and respect for the boss who has devotedly guided you in your work. At the same time, the gift for your boss is like sending your wishes to them. Therefore, a gift for a retired male boss is extremely necessary.

Retired male boss gifts

If you don't know what to buy for a retired male boss, then immediately refer to the list below. Gifts for retired male bosses are usually feng shui gifts, meaning peace, happiness, and luck. Some gifts for retired male bosses are gifts of feng shui dragon paintings, gifts of successful unique paintings, gifts of feng shui sailboat paintings... Follow along with Phuc Tuong Gold's article below.

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