Wood Splitter Manufacturer Must Pay Attention To Environmental Protection

The main parts of Electric Chipper Shredder are made of specially treated wear-resistant materials, which have a long service life and can be continuously pressed.


   China is the world's second-largest consumer of timber, with its consumption of pulp, paper and cardboard ranking second in the world, and its consumption of logs ranking second in the world. The limited resources and the ever-increasing consumption of resources, as well as the need to protect the ecological environment, are in the midst of huge contradictions and crises. In this case, the industrialization of machinery environmental protection is the key to achieving "true environmental protection". Only by combining the "green" and "renewable" characteristics of the product, Wood Splitter Manufacturer can truly be environmentally friendly.

   Straw shredder is developed with advanced technology at home and abroad. At present, the products of straw shredder include: double shaft, single shaft, weed shredder and so on. We can build straw shredders with different configurations according to customers' needs for corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, straw bales, vegetable stalks, etc.

  The straw shredder is generally composed of four parts: a shredding mechanism, a support, a recycling box and a cart. The size of the equipment is determined by the material size and material handling capacity. The straw shredder adopts a standardized modular design, the accessories of the straw shredder with good parts interchangeability, and the knives made of special alloy steel with special craftsmanship have the characteristics of good wear resistance, high strength and repairability. The driving part adopts four-wheel drive, driven by a heavy-duty planetary gear reducer, and the main shaft runs at differential speed. The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials. When crushing hollow materials, a squeezing device can be equipped to increase output. In addition, a rotating screen can be added to control the discharge size. When the straw shredder runs at low speed, the noise and dust can reach higher environmental standards. In actual use, it has been widely praised by users. It is trusted and affirmed by users.

   avoids the burning of crop stalks, protects the environment, and makes combustible crops such as corn stalks, stalks, peanut shells, bean stalks, flowers, and firewood into renewable resources. In addition, the straw shredder also has the characteristics of reliable performance and simple operation.

  The length of the straw shredder to crush crops can be set according to customer requirements, and the crushed crop residues also play an important role. They can be used as raw materials in various production industries such as fuel, particle board and paper. The straw crushing equipment turns straw into valuables, gives full play to its economic value, improves soil composition, and creates considerable social and economic benefits.

Features of    straw shredder:

  1. The straw shredder has the characteristics of simple design structure, high quality, convenient use, flexibility, small footprint, energy-saving and energy-saving.

   2. There is a fully automatic electric heating device, which can adjust the dry humidity of the material according to actual needs. To a certain extent, the stability of the discharge molding is ensured, and the work efficiency of the operators is also improved.

  3. The main parts of Electric Chipper Shredder are made of specially treated wear-resistant materials, which have a long service life and can be continuously pressed.