China Wholesale Planting Suppliers Need To Be Replaced After Damage

Precautions during maintenance of Electric corn sheller


Precautions during maintenance of Electric corn sheller:

1. Problems that should be paid attention to in the disassembly of parts

If it is not repaired for a long time, there will be problems with the parts of agricultural machinery. Therefore, agricultural machinery operators should promptly replace damaged parts. When replacing parts, agricultural machinery operators or maintenance personnel often overlook many details, because the disassembly of parts is very simple, causing many unnecessary troubles and affecting the service life of agricultural machinery. When disassembling parts, use matching disassembly tools. Operators of agricultural machinery cannot use other disassembly tools to disassemble the unmatched parts, which will cause damage to the parts and damage the agricultural machinery.

2. Problems that should be paid attention to when using new parts

After China wholesale planting suppliers' agricultural machinery parts are damaged, they need to be replaced. However, when replacing parts, many maintenance personnel did not check them. This is incorrect, because new parts may undergo performance changes due to excessive storage time or improper storage during transportation, which may cause damage to the parts. This requires Operators or maintenance personnel of agricultural machinery inspect them to prevent damaged parts from being installed.