It's among the most famous ways to earn gold right from the start of the game

It's among the most famous ways to earn gold right from the start of the game



It's among the most famous ways to OSRS Gold earn gold right from the start of the game. All that you have to do is make it into the rewards room located on 3rd floor of Stronghold of Security. For this, go onto the Barbarian Village, and jump down the hole that is in the middle. All that you have to do is pass through doors, answer some basic security questions that will make you more likely to win the prize.

The minimap for the best route you should take to avoid being confused in the maze. There will be four floors, each with different rewards but gold will only be available on third floor. If you're not looking for new shoes, you are able to skip the final stage. On your way, you'll encounter many creatures with quite high level so make sure to pack some food to ensure you are safe. It's an easy procedure that can be helpful to begin your journey, but as it can be done only at the beginning, it's not an actual money-making method.

If your account is brand new and you are looking to earn some additional gold your best bet will be to collect items from the Wilderness. It comes with a danger of being killed by other players since items you'd like to collect are located in Open PvP zone , however it's likely that no one would attack you if are on a low level.

Make sure to leave all of your items at the bank in order to not perish. Then head over to the Ruins at the 24th level of Wildy. There are Steel Platelegs there. Travel to another planet for them to respawn and increase your inventory by doing so. Once you're done with that, all you have to do is to dispose of everything and store your gold with the bank.

If you're making your gold to join or generally you're free to Buy RuneScape Gold play, the best choice is to make some things using the crafting skill. At the store related to this skill located in Al-Kharid you can buy Tiara Mould or Holy Mould. Buy both. You'll want to make use of all your ores to make bars which are used to fill the moulds you purchased.