Do You Know About Dth Bit?

First, the preservation of the DTH Bit body


First, the preservation of the DTH Bit body:

1: Be sure to clean the internal water and do proper lubrication.

  1. The outside of the drill pipe, of course, also includes threads, it is best to wipe all clean. At the same time, lubricate the male and female connectors with a rubber cap. The rubber cover is small and cheap, but it can further protect the drill rod.

Then, the impactor is saved:

  1. Short-term preservation:

First, remove the water inside and outside the impactor;

Second, add 1 liter of brazing oil from the upper joint;

Third, the air is blown for about 10 seconds, so that the internal parts can be fully lubricated;

Fourth, cover the upper and lower joints with rubber caps;

Fifth, place it horizontally in a dry environment.

Sixth, if stored for a long time, the impactor should be disassembled and all parts properly lubricated, assembled and the fourth and fifth steps should be performed.

  1. Re-enable

First, disassemble the impactor and check all parts. If a fault is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time. If it is put into use directly without detection, it is likely to shorten the service life.

Second, clean all parts, clean and properly lubricate.

Third, it can be put into use after the assembly is completed and confirmed without errors.

Many people may think that it is not just the impact device. The conditions in the mine are limited. I usually put it casually, and it is not used as usual. However, for projects with similar conditions, why are profits so different? A large part of the reason may be the management of equipment and consumables for down-the-hole drill bits. With careful management and maintenance, you can definitely save a lot of costs. Record the loss of the down-the-hole drill bit. For example, it took a few months for an impactor. Compare and make adjustments. Save the down-the-hole drill bit according to the recommendations. Perform reasonable maintenance and lubrication strictly according to the requirements.