The 31st Anniversary Sale Conducted Actoruser Renaissance T-shirt and other present campaigns

2021.12.16 Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Matsuda Hiroshi) is the first for Nintendo SwitchTM / STeam ???? / iOS / Android for the first time Actorizer Renaissance of


Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Matsuda Yoke) is the first sale of October Renaissance on sale for Nintendo Switch TM / Steam ???? / iOS / Android. Implemented in various stores and informed that T-shirts and Acrylic Stands and the like will be conducted to carry out the commemorative gift campaign.

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Top 12 Tees By Anniversary Gifts // Graphic T-Shirts Best Sellers Square Enix Co., Ltd. carries out the first sale of Actor user Renaissance on sale for Nintendo Switch TM / Steam ????/iOS / Android at various stores. In addition, the 31st anniversary present campaign will be held from the 31st year of Atomizer, which is the original Act-laser, which is the original on December 16 today.

Each store page and sale overview

Nintendo Switch TM 3,520 yen [tax-included] → 2,992 yen [tax included] 15% off execution period: December 16, 2022 January 5th to 2022 steam ???? 15% off (Please check the price in the store) Execution period: December 17th, January 17th, January 6, 2022, HTTPS: //Store. SteamPowered. COM / APP / 1393370 / Act raiser renaissance / App Store 2,440 yen [tax included] → 1,960 yen [tax included] 19% off implementation period: December 16, 2022, January 4, 2022 HTTPS: // JP / App / Actraiser-Renaissance / ID1532193171 Google Play 2,440 yen [tax included] → 1,960 yen [tax included] 19% off execution period: December 16-220, January 4, 2022, HTTPS:// STORE / APPS / DETAILS? ID = com.square Google Play.appraiser

※ Sale of PlayStation®4 version is not performed. ※ Depending on the store, it may take some time to reflect the price. ※ When purchasing, please purchase that the selling price has been changed to the sale price.

Chance that hits more than 250 people, such as T-shirts and acrylic stands | 31st Anniversary Present Campaign

31st Anniversary Present Campaign Site r/presentcp

October released on December 16, 1990. In commemoration of the 31st anniversary, we started a present campaign. The way to apply, follow the official Twitter and just retweet the present campaign tweets. We line up original T-shirts and acrylic stands, clear files as prizes. Please apply by all means.

Official Twitter: HTTPS: // pr

Atomizer appeared in Creating Sudden | Creation and playback of Act-laser music that revives in 30 years

In addition, the web video content published on the Square Enix YouTube channel Creating Skunk, the ancient Sakai of the composer who is in charge of the music arrangement of Atomizer Renaissance, which is the remastered work, Atomizer Renaissance We will publish videos that have reached the producer Each Natalia Each (scheduled to be distributed on December 16).

Why Atomizer was Rebalance or the difficulty of reproduction that has already been evaluated at the time reproduction is reproduced, and while listening to the song ( 1), he pursued from the Studio of Ancient Yoko. I will. ※ 1 Fillmore Alkaline etc.


Atomizer Renaissance

Actor user Renaissance is Renaissance based on Atomizer, which was released for Super NEW in 1990, and has renewed graphics, and stages and new Additional elements such as the story and boss are also included. In addition, in addition to the full song arrangement of the original song by the ancient Auto, who worked on the song of Super Familiar Version, 15 songs are added to 15 songs.

action part

Side scroll action part. Graphics are more vividly smoothly expressed by modern technology. New magic, stages, bosses etc. that were not in the super nested version are added. Actions such as avoidance motion, rounding up, and cut off are also increasing. After capture of the action part, a pair of men and women is produced, and the city's development (a creation part) starts.

Creation Part

Simulation part that fosters the city and aims to prosper to humanity. People are easier to prosper and be more prosperous when removing disorders that block the development of cities such as swamps and rock masses using miracles such as lightning and earthquakes.

A real-time strategy element that was not in the Super NEW version is adding to the Super NEW version, where God and people work together to protect the city from the enemy invasion.


Mr. Ancient Yoko, who worked on the original song of the Super National Version, also participates in this work. After full arrangement of original songs, 15 new songs are also included. The original sound source of the Super Familiar version is also implemented, and the original sound source and arrangement sound source can be switched and played. Music mode which can enjoy only music is also equipped. ※ Screen is under development.

Product Summary

Title: Act raiser Renaissance (Act riser Renaissance) Genre: Action RPG + Creation (City Creation) Distribution Store: Nintendo Switch TM / PlayStation® 4 / Steam® / iOS / Android Supported Lang Towards: English / English / German / French Right notation: © 1990, 2021 Quintet / Square UNIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved. © Yugo Kosher Official Site: r Official Twitter: HTTPS: // pr

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