Hemp Seed - A Complete Protein

The clear link between fish oil and health is obvious, it is suggested by medical experts and nutritionists that we should all consume omega 3 supplements on a regular basis, and more so as we get older.


Though there is always the option of adding Integrative Digestive Formula Review  more seafood to our diets, this may not always be practical or desirable. The over-consumption of fish can lead to other medical problems developing, for example hair loss and skin conditions. Also, modern industrial fishing methods have a lot to be desired, and are partially responsible for endangering certain species.

The best way to improve health by increasing your intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids is to source a high quality supplement. It is suggested that those products made from hoki fish harvested from the waters between New Zealand and the Antarctic are of the best possible quality.

The reason for this is twofold, the cold water helps in producing a highly concentrated form of fatty acids, and also the waters in this region of the world are less polluted with heavy metals than elsewhere on the planet. The fish oil and cholesterol connection can be used as a quick solution to what otherwise may be a lifetime problem.