How to pay the bills of your Citi Bank Credit Card?

How to pay the bills of your Citi Bank Credit Card?


Citi bank provides credit card facilities to its users to manage the funds. The process to find a Citi card is not so difficult. You can get the card based on your credit score. These cards help users to pay for bills and other̥ necessities. You can pay using the Citi credit card on a physical store or online as well. Whenever you pay some amount from your Citi credit card, you need to pay back the money. You can pay the pending bills of your credit card using the Citi card login account. People who are not aware of the process to pay the Citi Credit card balance need to refer to this post as we are going to describe the complete process below on this page.

Way to pay bills using the Citi Bank Credit Card

The steps that are given below will help you to pay the bills of your Citi Bank credit card. Make sure to sign-in to Citi credit card account using the login details. You can complete these steps via Citi Bank mobile app or browser.   

  1. With the help of a browser or app, visit the login to Citi Card page.
  2. Now, you need to enter the required login details
  3. Get and click ‘Login’ to access your account
  4. Now, you need to click the ‘Pay Bills’ option
  5. Then, find and click ‘Pay Credit Card’ bills
  6. Get and click the ‘Pay using one-time payment option’ button
  7. Now, type the details that are asked to pay bills
  8. When asked, provide the OTP to verify the payment
  9. Make sure the details are correct and click the ‘Submit’ button
  10. Finally, you have paid your Citi bank credit card bills


To sum up, paying bills using Citi credits is not a complex process. If you have the Citi card login details then you can quickly complete this process by approaching the “Pay Bills’ section of your online banking account. For the people who are struggling with the process to pay their credit card bills, we have concluded the complete process in a few steps above on this page. Make sure to provide a valid payment method to pay for the bills. More information visit:- safemoon wallet | coinbase login | Login to Citi Card | cash app login | kraken login | gemini login | regions bank login | chime login Bank of America Sign in | | AOL Mail Login | Citi Card Login | Aol Mail Login | Coinbase Login