Sliding Lock---Convenient Door Lock

Sliding lock is a door lock that people use more now. In the process of use, sliding lock can realize the combination of tilt and turn and push and pull.



Sliding lock is a door lock that people use more now. In the process of use, sliding lock can realize the combination of tilt and turn and push and pull. It is very convenient to use. Now the skills of thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated. This requires Our requirements for the selection of door locks are also increasing, so what details should we pay attention to when buying sliding door locks? There are many brands of sliding locks with high and low prices. We list the prices of several products to give everyone a simple understanding of sliding door locks.
   sliding lock, simple mechanical structure, stable operation, according to personal pursuit of quality of life, choose different panel styles, functional settings and electroplating finishes. Generally used with wooden sliding doors and metal sliding doors, the classification of sliding lock is relatively simple, and it is generally used in the interior of the home to isolate it from other patterns. The requirements for the anti-theft function are not too high, so the price of the sliding lock will not be too high. Processing technology: The lock surface is generally made of zinc alloy die-casting material. The surface must be uniform in color and clear pattern. The lock body shell is generally made of high-quality steel, solid zinc alloy die-cast cross rotor, solid zinc alloy die-cast hook and so on.
How to choose a sliding lock that suits you? First of all, because the anti-theft requirements of the sliding lock are not too high, it is usually installed in the passage or bathroom. Therefore, the choice of the lock body must be thick and strong. Whether the hook opens smoothly or not, in the choice of the panel, Can be selected according to their own special requirements, electroplating finishes, styles, functional configurations and so on. The surface of the panel must be bright, without scratches, and the screw holes must be in place with the screws, and there must be no deviation. Going to the details: the matching of the lining plate and the sliding lock. After the screws are tightened, the lock body is not allowed to swing on both sides. After the front and rear panels are installed, check whether the opening of the knob is not smooth. If it is not smooth, loosen the screw and adjust it gently with a rubber hammer until it is smooth!
After reading the price of sliding locks and the precautions for selecting sliding door locks, we should buy door locks with high safety performance when installing door locks for our own homes, so as to have the greatest protection for our personal and property safety. A good sliding lock can be simple and convenient in the process of using, and can well achieve the role of home protection when not in use. When buying a sliding lock, remember to buy a regular brand door lock, which is safe and assured.