What Should You Do After A Hail Storm?



Hail storms are very frequent throughout the United States. In fact, they're extremely prevalent in the state of Texas. Hail does millions of dollars of damage every year and causes immense frustration among vehicle owners and homeowners. Oftentimes individuals are left wondering what they need to do after a hail storm. You should be concerned that your insurance company won't cover the damages, whether you have to pay out of pocket or if it's covered. You could even be confused about the process we're getting repaired. After all, hail storms aren't like other types of damage that can be done to your vehicle. Let's take a look at what you should possibly do after a hail storm to have your vehicle fixed and back on the road looking its best.


Inspect Your Home

While we are focusing on the topic of hail damage repair for vehicles, it's important to also inspect your home after a hail storm. One of the most critical areas to look at is the roof. If you notice shingles are missing or you have water damage because of severe hail, it's important to contact your insurance company right away. Do not wait. This could put you at risk for the insurance company not covering the cost of repairs.


Inspect Your Vehicle

Take note of the damage done to your vehicle. You'll want to do this even if you're planning on taking it to an auto body shop. The reason being is you want to have documentation concerning your vehicle too. That way, if the insurance company tries to deny your claim, you have visual evidence of the damage. We highly recommend that you take pictures.


File Claims With Insurance

Never wait to file an insurance claim to have your home or vehicle fixed after a storm. They might try to say that the damage was already there and not want to cover the repairs you need. If you have questions about filing an insurance claim, you should either speak to your claims adjuster or to the auto body shop. They may be able to speed the process for repairs by getting your vehicle back on the road quickly.


Get Repairs

The process for getting repairs will depend on the extent of damage to your vehicle. Paintless dent repair and replacing glass doesn't take very long. But, if there's extensive damage where you need to replace body panels because of too many dents, this could take quite a bit more time. This is because your auto body shop will need to paint.