The most effective way to begin will be to begin questing

The most effective way to begin will be to begin questing


Lardar has pretty much summarized the best strategies, but for a good strategy, it is necessary to RS Gold determine the exact level at which you're.

The most effective way to begin will be to begin questing, just like most techniques. Easy missions like The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Holy Grail, and Recruitment Drive are available to guide you through the basic of Prayer skills. Following this point you'll have to use bones as a source of food to gain higher levels of Prayer.

An excellent source of Prayer experience income lies within Dragon Killing. Their bones provide a lot of experiences and don't need the highest level of skill. To eliminate Blue Dragons below the Taverley (in Taverley Dungeon) you do not require a lot of resources in any way since they can be killed in a safe area. If you're looking to accomplish this, keep in mind that you should do it using Magic because they are not suited to this particular style of combat. Use large eggs, rocks and columns to get Dragon stuck, then complete them with your spells.

Alternately, you could kill Green Dragons north of the Graveyard in the Wilderness. Simply bring an Anti-Dragon Shield, food and equipment. Don't take anything too precious so that you don't have to lose the money you have invested in Player Killers. You may also want to consider farming the area for Void Knight Equipment, as it isn't lost by losing it in low Wilderness. It's a fantastic outfit used for Dragon Killing and a safe one for wearing in this zone.

The bones you gather should be sacrificed on the Chaos Altar, but it isn't a good idea, so don't take any bones other than the ones you want to sacrifice. This place is one of the most Player Active zones on Runescape It's located on the 38th floor of Wilderness.

This means that players at greater levels could be able to osrs buy fire cape take on you. It's best to save them in the bank and do the Altar running once you've got enough bones However, it's up to you to decide whether you'd like to risk your equipment.