How to Use Meditation on a Spiritual Level

Do we remember that it was OUR Father that even Satan had to consult with and get permission to test Job, and that afterwards God rewarded Job with far MORE than he had before he was tested.


We grumble and mumble, but these other groups boldly proclaim The New Happiness Code Review their allegiance to Satan as loudly as they can. We sign petitions and send emails, but these other groups rise up and attack mercilessly, violently raping every belief in God and those that claim Him as they rage forward with their agendas. While I do NOT support the rising up of Christians in a full blown physical religious war, I DO question whether Christians as a whole in our country understand who we are and Who we serve!

Do we fully understand the strength of Him whom we serve? Do we understand that our Leader is the One who raised men from the dead? Who healed with a simple touch, or with words spoken from His lips? Do we remember that our Leader parted an entire sea to deliver His people? That He alone spoke our very being and our entire completely perfect ordered universe into existence.

Why do we appear weak and afraid? Why do man's laws and the threat of jail scare us so? The apostles knew persecution far beyond what we will ever experience in this country. They were stoned, beheaded, and publicly shamed prior to their violent deaths... just for proclaiming their Father, our Father, before men. Are we so weak and filled with doubt in our Father's abilities that we would rather stay silent and let His honor and place be mocked and made into a political marketplace.