Path of Exile End of Year PC Events Schedule

Path of Exile End of Year PC Events will be released soon.


Path of Exile End of Year PC Events will be released soon. Players can get in-game benefits by buying POE Currency. Grinding Gear Games will not sell abilities or experience points to ensure a fair game environment for everyone.

Grinding Gear Games announced a series of activities. These activities are free and provide many attractive prizes and POE Currency. Among them, Zizaran’s Gauntlet starts on December 10th and ends on December 20th. Monsters are much stronger than usual. Players will compete by killing bosses and achieving goals to earn points. Even the most skilled Path of Exile players, this arduous mode is a challenge. So players need to spend POE Currency to get stronger equipment to ensure that they can win.

Endless Heist is a brand new mode in which players will skip the battle altogether and risk robbery to gain levels. Players must hire skilled thieves to sneak into the facility, evade the guards’ discovery, and sprint frantically with the cargo. But be careful, if players die in a robbery, they will lose all their loot. Delirium Everywhere is also a new model, in which the fog of Delirium covers the earth. Each area will be more challenging and there will be more monsters to defeat. Although challenging, this mode is perfect for players who want the blood and glory that Wraeclast can provide.

The new mode of Path of Exile End of Year PC Events is not only that, no matter which mode you are in, players need to have a powerful strength to win and win rewards. So It Is necessary to Buy POE Currency.